Lingering Genre Bug in Track Info

Here is what I discovered with firmware 1.02.28 that still lingers with 1.02.31.

Turn on the Fuze, start playing a song. Click the menu button, (bottom of scroll wheel) to bring up the Music Options menu, scroll down to and select track info and note the Genre.

Press the Home button twice to return to the currently playing song.
Click menu button again, Select Back to Music List, scroll to another song title (in any album) but do not select it.

Again press home button twice to return to currently playing song then go back to track info. You will see that the Genre has changed to the random song title you browsed to.

Message Edited by priell3 on 02-23-2010 09:33 AM

This bug still bugs me.  :wink:

It may bug you, but I don’t think it is important enough for Sandisk to do anything about it.