Music list bug with changing track

This seems like such an obvious bug it must have been covered already, but I couldn’t find a mention of it with a quick search… Apologies if its been done to death.

While playing a song, and viewing a music list - when the track changes to the next one, the scrolling title at the bottom of the screen freezes and the top item in the music list changes name to the next song to be played.

For example:

  1. while track 1 is coming to the end, look in the music list at the songs of the album, or a different album.

  2. when track 2 begins, the scrolling display at the bottom of the screen freezes and the name of track 3 of the playing album is displayed at the top of the music list.

Mine is a Fuze v01.01.22F   2GB + 16GB SDHC

Music is 128k mp3 with id3v2 tags

Oh I never noticed that before.

Not sure if this is a known issue or not.  Like you said, seems pretty obvious but I haven’t seen it mentioned (though I’m not around all that much).  

It’s not really a serious issue though since it doesn’t prevent the player from doing what it should.  Though hoepfully they will eventually fix little bugs like this.

There are other little bugs that I’d like fixed, like how the song Title, Album name or Artist name will get cut off if they’re too long (due to the character limitation of the Fuze).  That bug bothers me but it’s my understanding that changing this would be a lot of work.  So I won’t get my hopes up. 

Never heard of that, and have never seen it mainly because I use a lot of shuffle and play all so I dont spend much time on the lists to see it. Ill check it out tonight.