Genre Option

When listening to my songs from the genre folder, I’d rather view the songs by title instead of artist.  Can I change this?

Did you ever find a solution? I too when searching by genre would rather then view the songs not the albums. I teach dance and I don’t like having to go into each album to play a song and see if it suitable or eliminate based on what songs are there that I recognize by name. If I knew what was on the album, I would not be searching by genre anyway.

Choose the genre you want, then choose play all, then click the button at 6 oclock and choose back to song list. That will give you the list of all songs in that genre.

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You could always create Playlists based on Genre using this:

This would give you a complete list of songs in a genre.

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JK98 thank you! That is just what I need. A little extra work to get there but not too bad.


I like the idea of having songs in multiple genre’s.  Before getting my first mp3 I never knew that it couldn’t be done- just assumed it could. Glad that someone has made a way for it to work. I’ll have to try your program as soon as I get time. 

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