Want to put my music in the Genre Lists that are on the player


This is my first mp3 player. 

I have the 4gb model.

I spent a few hours putting my music in the music file and I seperated them by genre in different folders.

However, once I started the player the genre seperation that I did does not show and music is simply listed in the music area. 

I discovered the genre area in the music part of the player and my songs have been placed into various genres within that.

Many of them are wrongly placed and I wish to move them to their correct genre headings.  Anyone know how?

I never used that cd that came with the player.  I have never downloaded songs from Rhapsody or any of those sorts of sites nor do I intend to so I saw no need to install that cd. 

Also, I have no idea what a "Go List " is.

Love the player!  The sound and volume level is really nice!

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The Clip (and all other Sansas) do not ‘read’ by folders; but by the ID3 tags embedded in the music files themselves. So regardless of what folders you create to ‘store’ them in, the Clip will display the info it gets from the ID3 tags.

You need to edit the ID3 tag’s GENRE field to change them to the way you want. Otherwise, they will be displayed by whatever genre they are currently tagged with.

A good (and free) program to do this with is MP3TAG. Set it to write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 tags for best results.

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So where are the Folder support guys yelling “I told you so”? :wink:

Thank you - I will give this a go - Looks fairly self explainatory.

Also, if you happen to run Windows, and since you’ve already arranged the songs in folders, you could use my program to auto-generate playlists for each folder. The Clip supports playlists just fine.

@pyrazol wrote:
So where are the Folder support guys yelling “I told you so”? :wink:

Sssshhhh . . . don’t wake them up!

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Sssshhhh . . . don’t wake them up!

*tiptoes out of the thread*

…sneaking out the door wearing socks, holding the shoes and sync cable.

Bob :wink: