Broken buttons on 2 different Sansa Clip+

Man I really, really love my Sansa Clip+(s) until I have had 2 break in short order. I think I have bought 6 or 7 Sansa Clips and Clip+. They are awesome, and I have been using MP3 players since before Apple got into the game.

My most current Sansa Clip+ has stopped recognizing the Up Volume button press. This Clip+ was bought new from Amazon on May 20, 2015. I am really disappointed. The volume buttons were hardly every pressed during it’s short life because while I used the Clip+ 10 plus hours 5-6 days per week, it was always connected to a speaker from which volume was controlled. Clip+ was left at maximum volume. This Clip+ replaced a Clip+ that lasted maybe 1 year until it’s Power On/Off button stopped working. In the case of both buttons the button appears as if it is fully pressed down, perhaps a little too far down.

How can I open up the player? Maybe I can pull the button back up? I love these little players. Their small size, very long battery life, and huge capacity for spoken content cannot be beat. Older Clips are working great and they have several years of the exact same usage as these recent failure units.

The stuck volume button unit is an 8GB Black Sansa Clip+ Version V01.02.17A


Don’t open the player. First try manually reapplying the latest firmware. Buttons not working might be due to the firmware in the player becoming corrupted. If that doesn’t work, then get it replaced by Sandisk under the warranty.

Warranty – warranty – warranty!  You have a 1-year warranty in the U.S.–contact SanDisk Customer Service–telephoning is best–and they will replace the player, covering postage both ways.  (You could also try and see if Amazon would do so, even though you are outside of the Amazon return window–Amazon has been known to be helpful, and it would swap the player for a new player replacement, not a refurb (which SanDisk might do).)

Thank you JK98 & Milkerman. I will try both suggestions.