Volume Issues

I just got a Clip for Christmas, and I was playing it after putting some music on today. I tried to turn the volume up, but the volume increase button does nothing. The volume decrease button works perfectly well (so well that I turned the volume all the way down and can’t hear anything now). What can I do to fix this? Is there something in the setup I may have forgotten?

It sounds like you got a bad MP3, you should take it back to the store where the person bought it from and get a different one.

Try downloading the firmware again, and reloading it. The firmware in the player may be corrupted. If this doesn’t help, then it a hardware problem and the player should be exchanged.

probably not a firmware issue. when you press the volume up button do you feel a slight click is not the volume rocker is bad and the clip will need to be replaced.

On a flash mp3 player model I have that was not made by Sandisk, it was a common enough occurance that one of the volume buttons wouldn’t work. This was almost always cured by reloading the firmware.