Brand new Sansa Clip + is frozen ON, won't do anything!

I received a new Sansa Clip +.  Battery is more than half way full.  It arrived like this:  Sansa is ON, set at MUSIC, but nothing happens when I press any of the buttons.  No movement at all, just frozen.  It IS recognized by my PC and I was able to load music.  However, it’s stuck with the Music Icon on, and none of the buttons work.

I ALSO CANNOT TURN IT OFF.  I’ve pressed power button for full minute, still is on.  I tried holding down the volume up with the hold button and power intermittently. Nothing.  Tried volume up plus select plus power, nothing.  It’s just stuck, doesn’t respond to any button at all. 

When connected to PC I see only the same Music icon on the player, no battery charging screen. Is the player fixable by me?  I already own a Sansa Clip +, so I’m familiar with it!  Thanks

PS, I held the power button down hard til it hurt for 90 seconds, then tried to turn it off normally.  No response at all!

There is NO locked message.  I’ve held down the home button anyway and nothing happens.  I see the headphone music icon constantly and that’s all.

 Should I just return it to QVC for a replacement?

There’s a protective vinyl sticker over the screen with the “Music” option printed on it. Peel it off.

Probably just need to peel the protective sticker off of the screen.

OMG, thanks so much. All is good again.  It works!

I really hope that Sandisk has added a visible tab or something to make the sticker more visible in the current production units.  Makes me wonder how many players were returned as defective and are now sold as refurbs.  lol

I was going to return it and say it’s defective til I found this forum.  I had no clue there was a sticker there even though I’d been using a Sansa clip+ for a few years, til it died.  Now that I’ve found this site, maybe it’s not really dead.  I’ll investigate!  Thanks.

Here’s a clue. There’s no way any player would be left ON from the factory to sit around for Lord-know-how-long in warehouses and stores before it is sold to the end user. If you can see the Music menu on the screen through the clear plastic in the package, you can pretty much assume it’s a sticker covering said screen. :wink:

I just received a Clip+ last week and love it.  Having read these forums beforehand, I knew to look for the sticker and remove it.  Mine came with a small tab to help lift the sticker off.  Thanks to all the knowledeable people who help us newbies.

Before, the only mp3 player I had owned was a Zen nano plus which I still use for audiobooks borrowed from Overdrive/Library.  I bought the Clip+ as a backup in case my old player goes.  Now that I’ve used the Clip+, it’s my favored player.