Bookmarking and turning off audiobook

New to clip zip, having come from a Cowon. Confused about some audiobook things, as that is probably all I will do with player.

  1. How do I get the audiobook to stop playing when I want to turn off player or go elsewhere on player?

  2. Why is it, that when I turn player back on it goes to the audiobook which starts playing again on its own (maybe related to #1)?

  1.  Press PAUSE.
  2. They do this whwther you’re playing music, audio books ar whatever. Whatever you were playing whne the device was turned off, that is where it will start up again at when you turn it on. If you navigate from playing an audio book and listen to music or the FM radio for a while, then when you go back to the audio book, it should ask you if you want to continue where you left off.

If you are listening to an audiobook and want to go back a minute or two, this is not possible is it? When I tried to do that using the rewind, it took me back to beginning of chapter (or in this case part).

Just press and hold the FF or REW button as you do with music. If you just tap it yes, it will jump back or forward an entire chapter/part/song/whatever.

As audio book files are generally much larger than music files though, rewinding just a minute or two will be tricky. Other players I hear handle this better than the SanDisk ones do.

Well I guess since this is Sandisk-sponsored site it is not possible to reveal the names of those other players!

It’s possible; there are no restrictions against discussing other products. I just don’t know exactly which ones they are. The guys over on ABI forums are more familiar with different players than most of the folks here, and would be better qualified to answer this question. That’s where I believe I’ve read that other players may be easier to FF & REW through audio books, but I’ve read so many posts both here and there over the years, I could be mistaken. :wink: