Audiobooks-70 Year old 1st time MP3 user

I cannot find:

a. How to pause and restart where I paused.

b. How to set bookmarks to return to where you left off.

I would appreciate any help on the above. I have been through the manual and could not find the answers.


Ken Smith

Hi Ken, what’s the source of your audiobooks? (I gather you know you use the same button to play/pause?)

The pause button is the same as the play button. If you pause the player then turn it off, the player will resume where you left off when you turn it on and press play. If your audiobook files are in the player’s audiobooks   folder or they have audiobook as the genre, then if you stop and play some other files, the player will give you a choice to resume or start from the begining when a partially played folder is is selected.

For audiobooks, if you rename the genre  of the book to “audiobook” or “podcast”, you will have a “resume from current position” and “resume from beginning” option when the book is restarted.

This is done by editing the genre using a utility like MP3Tag, or even with the Advanced Tag Editor in Windows Media Player.

Where are your audiobooks from (CD, download, Overdrive, NetLibrary, Audible…) ?  We can help you in your renaming “quest” once this is known.  The beauty of this is once you see how it’s done, managing your audiobooks will be second nature.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

As you can see, the Clip does the bookmarking automatically for you.  The “easiest” bookmark:  when you turn your Clip off, it will start off where you left off when you next start up again.



Thank you for this reply.

Ken Smith


I am using overdrive. Your solution was understandable, even to me.

Thanks again

Ken Smith

The Clip+ will allow you to play part of an audiobook(from the audiobook submenu), then some music files or podcast files, turn off the player, then when you turn it back on and choose the audiobook submenu the player will guide you to the last played audiobook file.

Just about all mp3 players will resume where you left off if you stop the player turn it off, then turn it on later, but very few will let you listen to some music files or some podcast files before turning it off, and still remember which audiobook file was playing last(and the place within it). Unfortunately though the Clip+ and Fuze won’t do this if the book is being played in folder mode. In folder mode it will still remember the place within the audiobook file played last, but won’t remember which audiobook file was played last if you play some music or podcasts before turning off the player. Hopefully Sandisk will fix this in a firmware update.