bluetooth range improvement

So any tips on how to get reliable bluetooth connection to a set of BT earbuds?  

If I have it clipped to my shirt pocket everything is fine but if I put it in my pocket it breaks up fairly often.  I use it for working outside blowing leaves, splitting wood, etc so in the pocket is most protected and preferred.

I’m surprised that wasn’t on the validation checklist prior to product release.  Use via BT from pocket would seem to be a pretty likely scenario.

Before there are any comments about the earbuds, my phone and my desktop both operate the earbuds from 15 feet or so and also when the phone is in my pocket but I didn’t want to have my S7 in my pocket while working outside hence my purchase of the clip s+.

I can walk a good 30 to 40 feet away from my CSP before the signal starts dropping. I also don’t have any issue with having it in my pocket unless I have it in the same pocket with keys or my phone. That seems to make the signal worse. Do you have it in an empty pocket? when you are working your tools may be causing some interferences. maybe try to find a somewhere it can be placed nearby or on your body where the tools will not interfere with it?

Bluetooth can be very finicky, especially outside–the signal does better where it has surfaces to bounce off of.

This issue is not unique to the Clip–I’ve had it with another player in my pants pocket, as vs. shirt pocket, as well.