Pairing Bluetooth on my Sandisk Clip Sport

I can’t get my new Clip Sport to pair with my earbuds. They are Mpow and they have worked fine with everything else. So I tried my Cowin Headset and it doesn’t see it either. My Cowin is used all the time and never a problem. The Clip Sport searches and then stops. It doesn’t see either one of them. Yes, I updated the Firmware yesterday. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or has an idea for me to try?

I have an MPOW BT heaset and it work no problem with my clip sport plus. 

Try this

  1. Go to settings > Restore and restore the Clip Sport Plus to factory defaults

  2. Go to Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on

  3. Put headphones in pairing mode

  4. Select Search devices 

It should see the headset and you can choose it to connect. 

If this does not work may be best to contact sandisk support. there may be an issue with the player you have. 

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Just bought one of these for my daughter and I’m disappointed. It connects ok via Bluetooth to our Pulse Evoke H3 but won’t connect to her wireless headphones. It can see the headphones but won’t pair. She wanted this device for running hence wireless headphones. Sort it out Sandisk

I am having the exact same problem!  The clip sport+ pairs fine to most other bluetooth headphones/speakers, but will not connect to my daughter’s new headphones.  Her headphones connect just fine to any other device, just not the Sport+.  These are the headphones she has.

Anybody have a fix for this?  I have already updated the firmware on the Sport+.


I ended up exchanging my Sport Clip and the replacement works fine. Thanks Everyone.

I just bought the Clip Sport Plus  to use the bluetooth function with a harmon/kardon Onyx Studio 3 speaker, but the bluetooth function does not work.

The Onyx Studio works with my iPod and iPhone, but not with the Clip. The clip does recognize the Onyx and put a ckeck mark in front of the Onyx indicator and the Onyx makes a sound of recognition, but the system does not play through the Onyx.

Anyone have any solutions?

Thanks, Wes

Like magic it started to work and I was glad I made the investment.I already had the Sansa clip+ and the Sansa fuze+ but they didn’t have bluetooth.

Unfortunatly, today BlueTooth stopped working with my harmon/kardon Onyx Studio 3. I can use the iPod and my iPhone, with  my Studio 3 but not with my Clip Sport Plus.

While I could just use the iPod or iPhone, I have a heck of a time loading my mp3 files into them. I find the SanDisk devices work the best.

So, any help you can give to me would be great,



i have two of them and cannot connect with any bluetooth device in my house. i tried the july firmware update and it failed

Thanks!  That worked for my Skullcandy Ear Buds

Thanks :wink::wink::wink:

After I restored my Clip Sport Plus to factory settings, I was able to pair it with my new headphones

I had the same problem but when I first got my earbuds they worked until I moved then I just couldn’t get them to pair agan, until I seen that being around wifi could actually mess with it. I didn’t believe that until I tuned my wifi off and then tried pairyng them… I was shocked when it paired for the first time in a long time. I hope this might help you or anyone else.

Hi, which mp3 player did you get that would pair?

I also have the same problem. I connect but in a few minutes it disconnects and stops being heard. I have replaced it but it keeps happening. What I can do? You force me to return them for good

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I also have this same mp3 player and trouble with pairing my Trend Logic wireless earbuds. I have updated my firmware, however, have not turned off my wifi. If I do reset my mp3 player back to factory settings as you’ve suggested will it wipe out all of my saved music and audiobooks? I am not techy and am scared to do this. My mp3 player does pair to a wireless speaker I have and my earbuds pair to other things just not my mp3 player. Hmmm.

Amanda L.

Will someone please help me by responding to my previous post?

Thank you,

Amanda L.

Resetting your factory settings will not erase your music & audio books. It will only reset the personal preferences you have changed (screen time, brightness, etc.). “Formatting” is what will erase all user-added content.

It has been long known that the Clip Sport+ has problems with certain bluetooth phones/speakers. There are some it just will not connect to. If yours connect with a wireless speaker but not your earbuds, these may be ones that it has a problem with. The only solution is to A.) make sure you have the latest firmware, or B.) try different ones.

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback and they way you explain things.


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