Bluetooth version

I’ve finally decided to dip my toes into the Bluetooth earbud waters, but I’m not ready to give up my Sansa clip.  I know that the Sport Plus has BT, but it seems to have an older version of BT, which can’t be upgraded in a firmware update because (I think) BT is part of the chipset.  (I have no idea what I’m talking about here, so if I’ve gotten this wrong, definitely let me know.)

I’m finding quite a few user reviews of the Sport Plus where a wide variety of brands of BT earbuds/headphones seem to have difficulty connecting, or maintaining a solid connection.

I’m wondering if anyone has any positive experiences using BT earbuds with the Sport Plus, and if so, what brand is working well for you.

I use my Clip almost exclusively to listen to books from Audible and Overdrive.  I’ve found a number of non-SanDisk BT mp3 clip-style players that seem to have great reviews, but none of them (from what I can tell) support audiobooks.  If anyone has found one that does, feel free to pass that info along.

I don’t want to move away from SanDisk – I’ve been a loyal Clip user since the m300.  But if there’s a manufacturer that makes a clippy player that has a recent version of BT and supports audiobooks via Audible and Overdrive, I would have to give it some consideration.

I use my Sport exclusively for audiobooks ( Audible). I haven’t experienced any issues with pairing. I’ve used Trelabs,  Otium, and Mpow. I use my Sport only at the gym and so water resistance is critical. They do tend to get subjected to a bit harder wear, though. I also want as much battery life as possible. The newer BT 5.0 versions seem to be upgrading from 7-9 hours into the 12-16 hour range.

This is great to know. Regarding the newer BT 5.0 versions, are you referring to the BT on the Sport, or the BT on your earbuds?

On the earbuds.