My Clip Sport Plus recognizes my MPOW M30 earbuds but does not connect!

Just purchased a Clip Sport Plus and a new set of MPOW M30 earbuds. I searched for devices on my player and it detected my earbuds (Mpow M30) but, it won’t connect. My earbuds connected right away with my son’s Samsung Galaxy phone. I even went as far as doing a restore on my player and didn’t work. I also tried a format and that still didn’t work. My son says that it’s because Clip Sport is not compatible because it’s too old of a model to pair with high tech bluetooth earbuds. Now at this point, I don’t know whether to return my clip sport or my earbuds!

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I have the same issue with the SanDisk Sport Clip + and several different types of earbuds - it shows up in the list on the Sandisk but will not connect. If SanDisk can’t upgrade its Bluetooth technology with a firmware update, they should at least provide a list of earbud brands/types that DO PAIR with their device. It’s very frustrating to keep buying earbuds only to find they won’t pair with SanDisk. Ugh!

Yep, just bought Clip Sport Plus and having the same problem. It pairs enough to show the devices (Anker Mini & Soundcore Q20) but to hear music just static. When I press the pause button, the static stops so know they are communicating. How can SanDisk help with this issue? If I cannot use Bluetooth, I will return the player for a cheaper model.