SanDisk Clip Sport Plus - Unable to Pair with BeatsX Bluetooth Headphones

I recently bought a pair of BeatsX bluetooth headphones that I absolutely LOVE - have always been a big fan of SanDisk mp3 players so was hoping they had a bluetooth version and sure enough I found one with the 16GB SanDisk Clip Sport Plus.

Only problem is it doesn’t pair with BeatsX :frowning: It can find the headset once bluetooth is turned on and it searches for device (shows the MAC Address), but whenever I try to pair I get a “fail to connect” message (if it even attempts - will typically just hang and not even attempt to connect).

I just downloaded and updated to the newest firmware 2.09 - is this issue going to be addressed soon so that I can use the mp3 player with a pretty popular bluetooth headset? If not I will just return these since that was the whole purpose in purchasing, but would be very dissapointed in that result.

I have the same problem to pair the Sandisk Clip Sport Plus with BeatsX. The player found the headphones’ mac address, but when I click to pair, it said connection failed.  I reset the headphones, still failed to pair. I think the problem is on the MP3 player, 

Sandisk should find a solution to help solve this issue.

Exact same problem for me aswell but with the Jaybird x3. i saw the MAC adress before i upated to the new firmwate 2.13 and now i cant find them at all. Is there a fix for this problem or is the mp3 player just not compatiable, would be a shame since this is the only reason i bought it


I have a similar problem my clip sport plus (firmware 2.13). My player pair with my Beats Pill. I hear the sound confirming the pairing and that all. No way to play music. Sandisk should be a little more professionnal. I bought this new player to use with my Beats for nothing.

I try the clip sport plus with other bluetooth devices and it works. I try my Pill with many devices, phones, laptop, ipad without any problem. It dont work only with my Sandisk.

Sandisk find a solution fast because you are loosing credibility!

IIRC this was a hardware related issue. Contact sandisk support i think they will need to replace your CSP to resolve the issue. 

The fact that every other Bluetooth speakers and headphones work with the SanDisk Clip Sport leads me to believe it’s beats with the problem and not SanDisk

Just my two cents.