Bluetooth problems

my mp3 can’t seem to connect with my Raycon E25 wireless earbuds. When it does connect there is no sound :(. I don’t know what’s happening, any ideas on what I can do?

Hi there, I’m having the exact sae problem with the same Earbuds. They wrok fine elsewhere but on my sandisk when I click on the Raycon option to pair them the screen flickers but it doesn’t pair.

I have the same problem but with a different headset.   I can get the headphones to connect 95% of the time if I update the player with the currect hex file. It’s a pain to have to do it all the time!

How do I go about updating the hex file? 

You can download l it here

I usually reset the player to factory settings (you don’t lose anything) and then download the firmware.

After I do this I can get everything to work about 95% of tne time…

One other thing I found that helps – which doesn’t make any sense to me – is I turn off the blue tooth connector on my phone and any other thing I have that might have a blue tooth connection.

Believe me I have tried just about everything I can think of!

I’ll give it a go myself, thank you! Hopefully it’ll work, it’ll be a shame if it doesn’t.

No such luck with uodating the firmware, I even totally formatted the device, still the same issue. It Sees the Raycons, it just doesn’t actually pair.

Oh well.

I am looking at buying another type of mp3 player.  There are some inexpensive ones out there and I only will use it to listen to audiobooks so I don’t need anything fancy.

I don’t like using my phone.

Bluetooth does not connect to any devices.

Nice to know I just spend 65 bucks on a worthless piece of trash.