So, I bought this to try and run with my airpods without using my phone. I have a cheap agptek bluetooth player that pairs with them (worst software ever though) so i know they can work with even small mp3 players. 

I assumed that the sandisk would be higher quality and work fine, but they won’t pair at all. I set pairing mode on the airpods, see the mac address appear on the sandisk, but then when I click on it the player just sits there waiting and doing nothing.

Has anyone ever seen this type of behavior with it? I know the airpods are different but I’ve tested pairing them to my phone, PC, raspberry pie, alexa all fine.

IIRC the clip sport plus currently has some computability issues with the Apple Airpods. From what I understand they are working on a fix but I have not seen any ETA when a fix may be released. 

Really?? So you heard specifically about the airpods? Interesting…

Doesn’t work with my new BeatsX either :frowning: LAME

Going to return mine - if you have any newer version of Bluetooth headphones (BeatsX, Airpods, etc.) they don’t have the firmware update to pair with those headsets and have been completely silent about when they will add a patch.

Great mp3 player but I bought it for bluetooth and it doesn’t work with my super nice BeatsX so is basically worthless; just going to return and use my old SanDisk player with wired headphones.

@devbert wrote:


Great mp3 player but I bought it for bluetooth and it doesn’t work with my super nice BeatsX so is basically worthless; just going to return and use my old SanDisk player with wired headphones.


The Sport Plus has a traditional head/earphone jack so you could simply use your wired headphones until a firmware update is released that supports the Airpods.

I already have an old SanDisk without bluetooth that works fine; specifically bought this one for the bluetooth capabilities and they don’t work with newer model bluetooth headphones.

Doesn’t make sense to give them money for something that doesn’t work when I have an older model that will already do that.

Same problem, I only have cheap BT headphones, but they work fine with everything else, for Sandisk, read Crapdisk

Well it is 4 May 2018 and SanDisk has not fixed the problem so it is clear they don’t care about the clip customers or their reputation. frimware version 2.13.B00.

the fix was a hardware change. The fixed version is a B01 at the end of the FW version. Sandisk support can replace it with a B01 version for you. Contact their support for a warranty exchange. 

I can confirm previous post. Sandisk Clip Sport Plus rev B1 works fine with AirPods.

The SanDisk Clip Sport Plus (Firmware 2.18.B01) cannot connect to airpods, specifically A2032/A2031/A1602.

Below is my conversation with their tech support.  They dropped before I finished the reinstall of the firmware, but that did not fix the issue.  They told me to return the airpods and buy older airpods.

Victor M.: Bob, May I know what Exact issue you are facing while connecting the airpods with your mp3 player?

Bob_F: The airpods show as an available Bluetooth device, but when I click on them in the list, the SanDisk never connects
Bob_F: my firmware is 2.18.B01
Bob_F: so I think that is the latest, from what I can find

Victor M.: Have you try to connect this Airpod with another player?

Bob_F: not with another MP3 player, this is the only one I have, but they connect to my phone and my daughter’s phone

Victor M.: Please share the make and model of the air pod?

Bob_F: not sure how to find that info
Bob_F: its not on airpods or case
Bob_F: let me connect them to my phone and see if that displays the info

Victor M.: May I know are you try to listen mp3 files of radio?

Victor M.: Sure.

Bob_F: mp3

Victor M.: Alright.

Bob_F: I found the box
Bob_F: let me see if that has the info
Bob_F: Model A2032 A2031 A1602
Bob_F: I guess the left and right airpod each has its own model
Bob_F: and the case

Victor M.: Alright .
Victor M.: We suggest you to try to connect using another try another blue tooth headphone.

Bob_F: you mean the sandisk doesn’t work with airpods?
Bob_F: my wife said she checked before buying them on SanDisk forums

Victor M.: Alright.

Bob_F: the Sandisk definitely can connect to other bluetooth earphones
Bob_F: it connected to my daughter’s cheap earphones

Victor M.: It seems the pod have compatibility issue with the player.

Bob_F: so you don’t support the player?
Bob_F: the forums indicated that firmware with B01 work with airpods
Bob_F: if that is not that case, why has the forum been left up for over a year

Victor M.: Bob, please be informed that the air pods you are using have compatibility issue we suggest you to replace it from place of purchase.

Bob_F: do any airpods work with the SanDisk?
Bob_F: Is there a specific model airpod I need to use?

Victor M.: You can try to use 1st generation with your player.
Victor M.: However we do not have any recommended blue tooth devices.
Victor M.: You can try to uninstall and reinstall the firm ware version as well.

Bob_F: how do I do that?

Victor M.: In order to know how to update SanDisk Clip Sport Plus / Voice Firmware 2.18 Download and Installation Instructions

Bob_F: the article doesn’t indicate how to uninstall, just how to install the firmware

Victor M.: Settings>System Settings> Restore.
Victor M.:
Is there anything else I may assist you with, Bob?

Bob_F: I am still attempting the restore

Victor M.: Are you able to do it?
Victor M.: Since we are not getting any response from you we are disconnecting the chat.
Victor M.:
Thank you for contacting SanDisk® Global Customer Care, and you have a great day, Bob.

Victor M. has disconnected.