Bluetooth range not very good

I use the sandisk clip sport plus with gopro earbuds. I connect them with bluetooth. The devices pair with no trouble at all. The trouble is the range. I must have the sandisk in the same room or i lose the feed. I use it to play tinnitus (ringing in the ear) sound programs when I sleep at night. I clip the mp3 player to my shorts and put the earbud in my ear. If put the side of my head with the earbud on my pillow, I lose the feed. If I put on a tshirt and cover the mp3 player with the tshirt, I lose the feed. This seams way to weak. Does this mp3 player use class 1 bluetooth? What can I do to improve the range. 

I am on 2.13 firmware.  I cannot put it in my pocket without skipping.  I cannot move it more than 3 inches away from my bluetooth earbuds without skipping.  At this moment,  I literally have my player out 6 inches in front of me and it’s still skipping.  This is ridiculous.  If anyone remembers what CD skipping used to sound/feel like, this is what happens with the sport plus.  This is totally unacceptable.  Product works fine with wired connection (as do previous models), but I bought this specifically for the bluetooth feature for a dedicated mp3 player.  Time to return to Target.  I honestly cannot believe this is being sold in 2017, let alone for 60 bucks.  

Completely agree - Have the same exact issue.

  • Bluetooth is worthless if you cannot even put the MP3 player in your pocket.

Do you have anything pugged into the headset jack while you have your bluetooth headset paired?  Seems this device uses the headset wire as an antenna for the radio and I have found that my bluetooth headset does not work unless I have something plugged into the headset jack.  Does not have to be the wired headset as a short jumper plugged into the jack allowed the bluetooth headset to work well.

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This was a total waste of money in my opinion.  Agree with bluetooth range problem - I can get better separation with a pair of earbuds plugged in vs wireless.   Will never biuy another Sandisk product.

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Yes i have a very similar situation with my Clip Sport Plus where it pairs with my Trekz Aftershokz Air well but then cuts in and out as soon as I start running. The same headphones work perfectly well with my phone over bluetooth. I have updated the firmware on the Clip Sport Plus which made it slightly better but still very annoying. As someone else said, it is exactly like the cd is skipping!