Sound cutting in and out on Bluetooth


I have just bought a new Clip Sport Plus for use with my new Trekz Aftershokz Air bluetooth headphones. It all seems to work fine until I want to go for a run (my main reason for buying it in the first place). As soon as I start moving the sound starts cutting in and out, like the cd is skipping! This make my run more stressful than it already is! I have updated the firmware to 2.18B which helped a bit but it is still skipping. The headphones work fine with about 3 or 4 other devices that I have tried pairing them with, it only ever skips on the Clip Sport Plus.

Does anyone know how to stop it skipping as other wise I am going to return it.

Thanks in advance.

Sad Nation

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Getting the same skipping with Jabra Elite Active 65t ear buds when running, exact same behavior as you described.

Very poor bluetooth support from Sandisk in this case.

I notice some improvement changing the side of my body where I carry the mp3 player. Even in areas of the city where the sound is usually intermittent, I bring the player closer to the headset and it also improves.

I found that if keep it where I usually do on my left hip then it skips. If I move it up to the front of my t-shirt under my chin then it is fine.

Same deal. Use for running. Cuts in and out which will drive you crazy. Updated to latest firmware. Have the Jabra 65T ear buds like another poster and they work great with several other devices. May have to do an Amazon return if SandDisk support cannot resolve.

Having moved it up to under my chin where it flaps around a bit, I have had two Clip Sports break the clip within a few months of each other. I got the first one replaced by Sandisk but doubt they will for the latest one. Bit crap that the clip breaks because of its location due to skipping tracks.

SadNation you can try this , being waterproof you can wear it under the shirt so it doesn’t move too much.

This clip is not too resistant, this remedy helps me to hang the device from different places.

I have tried 5 different bluetooth ear buds and 1 headphones all the same “skipping” problem. All ear buds work fine on other devices. here is what I have discovered, by just using one, either left or right and the skipping stops. I first thought the mic in the earbuds was picking up the output of the earbuds themselves and was throttleing the output, but my 4th or 5th set I made sure there was no mic (playback only) but still did not change the skipping. No matter the position it still skipped to different extents.