Battery Status

I’m connecting my Clip to a PC running Vista. When I attach the Clip via USB and choose to “Open device to view files” (at the first AutoPlay dialog) I can get a Windows Explorer view of the Clip contents. By right clicking on the Clip in the left side Explorer pane, I can then select Properties which shows me firmware version (v01.01.11A) and battery status. I’ve been surprised at the battery status reported at times. For example, after I had use the Clip for less than an hour I plugged it in and found that the battery status was 50% even though the screen  battery icon showed a full charge.  After leaving it in for a few hours to recharge, it reached 100%. I then unplugged it for a minute and plugged it back in. It immediately showed 90% charge. Are others seeing similar behavior?

There is a 10% tolerance on the battery reading via MTP.  It will take approx 3.3 hours fo a full charge.  The full status on the display will stay full until the battery reaches 75% so this is all normal.


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