New Vista machine is 'draining' my CLip

I Just bought a new Vista Computer.

When I plug my sansa clip into the usb port, It seems to drain the battery. That is to say that when I leave it plugged in to charge while I sleep,I find that the Clip has little to no power when I wake.

Is there some setting I am missing on Vista that is causing my CLip to stay activate and not charge?

It sounds like your computer is not charging your Clip and the Clip is playing all night off its battery.  When you plug the Clip into your computer, do you get a Connected screen or otherwise get a screen showing the charging of your Clip’s battery?  Are you sure that your USB port is “on”?  You may want to check the specifications for your computer and for your USB ports, or your Vista power management settings (Control panel/Mobile PC/Change battery settings).  Let us know if you find a fix–

I have Vista also,and it charges my clip(s) just fine,but on the new 8 gig,the reading doesn’t change when I check the properties of the Sansa.If it was 58% when it started charging it will say 58% an hour later even though the clip is fully charged.If  I disconnect the clip and reconnect it then the power level will show the difference when I reconnect it.I didn’t have that problem with my 2 gig.It isn’t really a problem though,because I can just look at the blinking of the clip to see where the charge is at.                                                       

Do be sure that you have the latest firmware–the battery gauge has been improved over time.

I just downloaded firmware last  Sunday,so as far as I know I have the latest.

Are you looking at the battery level as shown on the computer in the properties, or looking in the Clip’s sytem info screen? I would trust the Clip’s info screen more.

Oh yes ,the clips system info screen is much more reliable.Even the blinking of the little battery image is more reliable than the computer properties.

From the PC, the Properties display that shows battery status does not automatically refresh, in Windows Explorer.  To check the charging status, right click on the Sansa and select Properties again, after charging for a while.


A similar thing happened to me recently when I plugged my 8Gb Clip into my wife’s laptop at home (Win XP) rather than my own PC.  Next day the battery was slightly lower (!) than when it was when I plugged it in!

The reason… my wife’s PC goes into sleep mode after 30mins and no longer charges the USB port dveices and my PC doesn’t and the device battery will trickle drain the the non-powered PC.  It didn’t drain fully though - it was slightly less power than when plugged in.  So it may help to have a good look at the power management setting on the new Vista machine in terms of what (screen, CPU, disk, ports) it ‘sleeps’ and when (after how long).

Good luck!