Battery flaws - Need some insights.

Hi, all. I am thoroughly frustrated with the Clip+'s battery flaw. Yes, I am totally aware that there is a calibration issue. However, since i am now in Singapore, returning the item is out of the question. I have WMP 11 but somehow i still can’t see the battery meter under ‘Properties’. Can anybody out there tell me how should i put up with this, as I am obviously not the only suffering from this? How can I at least ensure the device is fully charged without plugging in and out from the USB cable and check the settings? Charging with AC doesn’t work perfectly as it takes me 3 hours just to charge until 67%. How can something so basic be so fundamentally flawed?

The level of battery charge while connected to the computer is only visible if your player is set to MTP mode before plugging it in. Otherwise, you can check how full the tank is in the Settings > System Settings > Info menu on the device itself.

Yes, it is in MTP mode. But still when i click ‘Properties’, all I can see is the capacity, nothing whatsoever about the battery.  

As a general matter, and until the calibration is fixed:  the Clip+ generally will take 3-4 hours to charge fully, from empty. 

If the device is connected in MTP mode, open a Windows Explorer window via My Computer:

If you right-click on the Sansa, select Properties from the list that pops up.  You should have a display as above.


I’ve switched the USB from MTP to Auto mode. And i am seeing what you are showing me. Anyway, thanks for your insights. At least I don’t need to unplug the device from USB just to check the battery meter from Settings in the device itself. Thanks again, guys.