I have problem about charge a battery for sansa clip

I have recently purchased a Sansa Clip but I have some problems to use it. When first used, the device was totally out of battery. So, I can’t open it to charge a battery. When I connect it to a PC, Sansa Clip show icon “Connected” and icon battery full (Real, Battery empty). However, My PC cannot access the device.

My PC is setup with:
-Windows XP Service Pack2
-Windows Media Player 11
-Main for high-power USB port 2.0 (used normally with other USB flash/RAM disk)

Please help me charge the battery for Sansa Clip or any way to operate the device



  1. You should certainly not attempt to open it for charging the battery!
  2. With XP and WMP 11 you should be fine…
  3. What battery icon do you mean - the yellow one in the right corner of the Clip display? And you’re saying it normally shows empty, but full when connected to the pc? Have you tried right-clicking the Clip icon on your pc and selecting ‘Properties’ - this will give you a battery reading as well…?
  4. Have you downloaded the extended manual ? PDF-file here

It sounds like the battery is empty–are you sure you’re reading the icon correctly?  Perhaps leave the Clip plugged in to your on computer for 4 hours to make sure it’s (the Clip) charged.