Battery charging problem w/Windows 7

My Sansa Clip 8gb has been connected to my computer for 4 hours, it has not charged at all. I have had this problem since installing Windows 7, which loaded drivers for the Sansa Clip the first time I connected the Clip to the computer…recognized, loaded drivers. Since then I have d/l the Sansa Updater & my firmware is up to date (v02.01.35A). It seems to be charging now, but I won’t know until I remove it & try playing it. This has been a problem for a week.

Help!!! And thanks for your help.


How are you checking if its charging?

The battery charge indicators on the Clip+ sometimes have been found to be wonky. Is it possible that the player is fully charged and that it only is the charge indicators that are off?

How do I know if it is charging? Well, it shows no charge, it will not play because I do not have battery power. I am fortunate that I have another computer in the house, my husband’s and I can charge it there, but I’d really like to do it on my desktop where I also transfer music & books to it…kinda an all-in-one deal. I have had the Clip a couple years & just upgraded to Windows 7 from XP so I know it will charge on this computer.

Hope this helps…


Linda, if the pc is a notebook, then plug in the pc before connecting the player. also check the power saving settings. In power saving mode, many notebooks cut the power output of the usb ports.

If it is a desktop, then make sure that you connect it to a rear usb port, as from usb ports are often low power. Don’t connect it into a usb hub. Connect it into the usb port directly.

Another option for charging is using an AC usb adapter or cell phone charger. If you don’t already have one, you can probably get a high quality mini usb cell phone charger charger(either Motorola or Blackberry, 500 or 700 ma) for around  $5  on Amazon. Charging without a pc will let you play music while charging, will charge with the display off saving wear on the display, and will charge faster than with a pc.

JK98, thank you so much. I do use a USB hub, it has always worked, but I will try the USB adapter that came with my iPhone. And my husband’s computer is a laptop that is always plugged in. That is why it will charge the Clip so easily.

Acutally I have an iMac & I run Windows 7 on Bootcamp which is a partition for Windows OS. Windows 7 is not as nice to me as XP, but I had XP a long time.

Thanks again. Linda

“I do use a USB hub, it has always worked”

Some reasons why you shouldn’t plug an mp3 player into a hub. If a usb1 item is also plugged into the hub, then everything connected to the hub may be connected in usb1. Aside from the much lower speed, usb1 has a lower maximum current. If the hub is not powered, then the power from the usb slot will be shared by everything connected to the hub, so the player might not get enough power to charge. There is a maximum length for unpowered usb cable. Using a hub, and especially plugging into front usb ports on a desktop may make the length too long.

I just noticed from the firmware version you loaded that you have the original Clip and not the Clip+. The original Clip is very similar to the Clip+, except that your player will be older. After a long while the battery in the Clip will wear out. How long have you had the player? How much have you used it? If you had it for around 3  years and used it very often, the battery in your player may be worn out. Unfortunately the battery is not easy to change. Most people get a new player when the battery is worn out. The new Clip Zip looks very interesting.

It is a powered hub, nothing else is connected…it is just so much more useful for cameras, MP3x, syncing phones, etc. When the MP3 is charging, normally it is the only thing connected. The hub has a 3 ft cable & is connected to the back of the computer.

My Sansa Clip 8gb may be 3 years old…and I use it every day. It would be a very unusual day for me to not use it. Sooooo that says I may need a new one? Or a new battery. Well, I will have to see what that entails. I knew it would not last forever, but I was hoping longer. I still have an old M240 1gb, I use it also. It is really nice just to replace the AAA battery now & then.

Thanks so much.


If you want to try changing the battery.