back to last song

Hi people, heres another rookie with a stupid Q. 

I’m sorry but I just don’t know how to get back to the last song played on my song list after I’ve listened to the radio for awhile! Everytime I come back to my song list it starts from the vey beginning. WHATS the trick to return to the last song played??? PLEASE SOMEONE, HELP!!!

 Other then this and having to reset in very humid conditions I guess my Fuze works well.

I can’t wait to fun out I’m an idiot and it’s really easy to do it.

Thanks to anyone who responds.

Dave S.

Play Previous.  You should get that option in the next release.

Thank you, I think! …   No,Thanks but do you know the next release date? I can’t believe they would release this nice Fuze without this feature. I got 1400 and some songs so I have to turn this the wheel like 100 time to get to the middle of the stack. That’s CRAZY!

Thanks for your help

Dave Stout