autorun doesnt work !!

Hey everyone … i hope you can help me with this. i have a sandisk cruzer 8 Gb. the first time i inserted into my computer, the launchpad came automaticly wich was fine. i had problems with it so i had to re-installe the launchpad again using the Lpinstaller. But now the autorun is not working !

to make it work i have to manually open my usb and and click on launchU3 … i used several computers and it is the same issue.

  • the option autorun in the launchpad settings is set to enable.

  • i am using and XP machine

  • i triede to update with an old Lpinstaller version … stille not working.

  • i looked into the registry and i cannot locate the autorun.ini ( a solution wich was suggested somewhere )

Please any idea ?

It’s not the USB stick it’s Windows.  My Cruzer autoruns fine on my notebook and once in a while on my desktop machine but not always.  Most times on the desktop machine I have to do as your doing.  I did make it more convenient though by putting a shortcut icon on the desktop pointing to the LaunchU3 file.

Same Cruzer, two different machines different results, means it’s not the Crizer at fault. 

Launch U3, go to settings->launchpad settings->autorun->install Launcher - This will install a small program on your computer so when you plug the U3 drive in it autoruns the launchpad :slight_smile:

Son of a gun!!  An interesting option.