I use Net library to down load books from my Library . Net Library has 2 options to down load, 1st is to down load to Computer and 2nd download directly to Sansa. If I download directly to Sansa, the book won’t play.  It loads all chapters and I get 2 parallel yellow line on the screen. If I down load to computer, play the book for a minute or 2, then drag to my Sansa,the book plays on my Sansa . It does not go to “Audiobook” file but to “recently added” folder. One problem is at the end of one section, it does not go to the next section, but goes back to a previous section. For example my screen shows the following chapters in the file.  Red, shooters, shooters, shooters, shooters. When I finish the first shooters chapter it goes to Red not to the next chapter in shooters. This means after every chapter, I have to Menu, Music, Recently added and hope I remember the next chapter I want. On a trip when I use the Sansa, I have to pull over every hour or so to reset to next chapter. Any suggestion would be appreciated

Since I don’t use NetLibrary, I can’t get into its Help page online, but that’s the first place to look for answers.

But here’s a guess. The direct download to Sansa ones are probably screwed up by Digital Rights Management. Switching to MTP mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) might allow the DRM codes to be transmitted. That would be the first thing to try. 

Otherwise, look at the file extensions for Download to Computer. Are they .mp3 files? .wma? You should be able to get them to play in order by re-tagging them. 

MP3tag is freeware from  When installing, allow it to add itself to context menus.

Under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg set the default to Write ID3v2.3 and ISO-8859-1, which is most readable to the Fuze.  Make sure you save it. 

Then right-click on the audiobook folder and add information. Highlight all the files and make the Genre Audiobooks. 

Highlight all the files again, make sure they are in top-to-bottom playing order,  and click on Tools. Use the Auto-Numbering Wizard with Leading Zeros (so the track numbers are 01, 02 rather than 1/12, 2/12). The Sansa reads the track numbers to decide on playing order. If it doesn’t find them, it looks at filenames.

I’ve had nothing but problems with net library. After loading a book from there my fuse crashed and I lost everything I had on it.  my library uses both net library and overdrive, so I only read the books available through overdrive now because of all the trouble net library caused me.

To get it to automatically start the next chapter, while you are playing an audiobook press the button at 6 oclock, and choose chapter mode from the menu and set it to enabled.