eAudiobook problem with NetLibrary Media Center

I’m having a problem playing an audiobook checked out from NetLibrary using NetLibrary Media Center.  The audiobook plays fine in NMC, and appears to transfer fine to the Sansa Fuze 4gb.  It shows up as 20 chapters.  When I try to play the book, the Sansa starts skipping from one chapter to another, reaching the end in about 10 seconds and then stops.

The Fuze is version 1 at the latest firmware.  I’ve reformatted the Fuze a few times;  there is nothing else on it.

This is the first time I’ve tried NMC, which is a massive improvement over WMP in terms of using NetLibrary.

Any suggestions?

It sounds to me like the files are in a format that the Fuze doesn’t understand.  What file type are they?


Can you transfer them with WMP?  Do they work that way?  Or any other way?

Yes, they will play if synced that way. 

I went to the NMC folder in My Documents, and copied the 20 separate chapters into My Music, where they showed up in WMP as they were copied, and then synced them.  It gave them a genre tag of “audiobooks”.  They would play without having first played in WMP.

So by my count, it added two nonintuitive steps and subtracted two nonintuitive steps.  

HELP!  When I transfer NetLibrary audiobooks to the Sansa fuze (4gb) they appear to transfer correctly and show up in the eAudiobooks folder.  When I try to listen to them, the screen on the Sansa loops thru the tracks as though it can’t find anything “listen-able” even though the content appears to be there.   I am using the MTP setting for USB mode and have re-formatted the device.   A number of the messages in this message board use the acronym WMP and I have ABSOLUTELY no idea of what you’re talking about. 

I am obviously a novice at MP3 players of any sort as well as a novice at NetLibrary.   I have talked with the Help Desks at both Sansa and at NetLibrary and after several hours of that am ready to send a registered letter to the CEO of Sansa and then throw the Sansa in the nearest river.  THIS SHOULD NOT REQUIRE A DEGREE IN ROCKET SCIENCE!!!

WMP is Windows Media Player. It’s on every PC. You may need to update the version to WMP 10, which you can get free from the Death Star.

Earlier versions don’t work with the Fuze. Once you have Windows Media Player 10 (or 11, but 10 seems less buggy…)

Under Settings/USB Mode put your Fuze in MTP mode. Then open WMP, connect, and WMP shoud find the Sansa. You may have to go into Windows Media Player Tools and Options under Synch to tell it NOT to auto-synch every time you connect the Fuze, or it will try to dump every music and image file on your computer into your poor unsuspecting Fuze. 

Apparently you need WMP for NetLibrary because it transfers the secret DRM (Digital Rights Muck) information that tells your Sansa it’s OK to play the book and you are not a dreadful digital pirate.

I’m kind of suprised NetLibrary doesn’t have step-by-step Sansa instructions. Or did anyone look for them? 

Simply stated, WMP is Windows Media Player.  For NetLibrary, you are borrowing a copy of copyrighted material.

You need to transfer the temoporary license for the book along with the audio file.  This is done in MTP mode, as WMP handles the media rights in the background.  To transfer library books, you will be dealing with one of two primary sources, NetLibrary or Overdrive Media. 

These applications are needed to transfer the book, as they will port the license to listen along with the file. Windows Media Player is needed for MTP protocol, where the license is attatched to the file, but you won,t necessarily need to open WMP to make the transfer. Check with NetLibrary for transfer requirements.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: