Netlibrary Help

Hi all!

I have a problem I need help with.  I have been able to listen to audio books from Audible and Overdrive Media Console on my fuze.  I have been able to download books from Netlibrary Media Center and put them on my fuze.  When I try to play them, the fuze simply scrolls thru the sections until it gets to the last one and stops.  It does not play it.   I can listen to Netlibrary Media Center books on my computer using windows media center.  I have read up on others issue and their solution was to download the file as a WMP instead of an MP3.  Netlibrary does not give me any options on format.  Overdrive downloads MP3’s and have worked.  I have also read to first open them with windows media player then sync them.  That has not been working.  I have also switched the USB mode from auto to  MTP .  I have updated my firmware to the latest.  I have windows 7 and its media player (which I really dislike).  Any other ideas?


That kind of behavior, scrolling through the files, usually means you are downloading a filetype the Fuze can’t read. You’re going to have to find out what file format you’re getting from Netlibrary. It may be sending .aac or .m4a files made for iPods. 

You can get the  Gspot Codec Information Appliance to see what kind of files you are getting now. The Fuze should play .wma but it won’t play WMA Pro or WMA Lossless, both of which also arrive with the .wma file extension.

You’re probably going to have to go into Netlibrary settings to change what you are downloading. It has to be somewhere. Netlibrary must have some kind of help documentation for using Sansa players. 

If you put Netlibrary Sansa into Google, one post suggests synching from Windows Media Player to the Sansa in MSC mode. You might try that. Or go to Netlibrary online and look for help files there.

I had the same problem in Vista 64 bit.  From Google Chrome, I installed the NetLibrary Media Center and downloaded books to my Fuze.  The result was the same problem as yours.  I had configuration problems with other downloaded programs under Chrome and decided to try uninstalling and reinstalling the NetLibrary Media Center under Internet Explorer.  

After the reinstall under IE, everything worked fine with the downloads into the Fuze  I can download directly into the Fuze from the NetLibrary Media Center.

Hope this helps.