My audio book won't play, any suggestions?

I downloaded a book from Net Library.  When I go to play it, I select track 1, but when I select it, track 12 comes on and it is stuck on pause.  Also, I’ve only used the fuze once.  It worked last time, but when I tried to delete the book I listened to already, it won’t delete.  Please help.

How did you get the book onto the Fuze? You can’t just copy the files. They have to go through NetLibrary’s own software. Your library should have instructions.

To clear EVERYTHING  off the Fuze, go to Settings/System Settings, scroll down and find Format. That will clear all content you have added off of  the Fuze. If you have put other stuff on there besides the e-book, make sure you have copies elsewhere.

Yes, they have media player you have to get down load it.  It did work the last time.  I have had issues with this on another Fuze.  I’ve only used this one the one other time.  And everything worked.  That book is still on there and won’t delete. 

You may need to change the USB setting. Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. Change it to MTP, try again.

Have you tried Format to remove everything?

Thanks.  I just tried changing the mode as you suggested, then retried to play the book.  It started on track 1 , then scrolled through to 12 and now the same thing.  It’s on 12, on pause.  When I tried to un pause it, it just pauses again.  How do you reset everything?

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Thanks.  I just tried changing the mode as you suggested, then retried to play the book.  It started on track 1 , then scrolled through to 12 and now the same thing.  It’s on 12, on pause.  When I tried to un pause it, it just pauses again.  How do you reset everything?

You have to delete the books then change the mode to MTP and reload the books again either through netlibrary or Windows Media Player.

The books won’t delete

Okay, I finally got them to delete.  I just started working.  I have to delete one track at a time.  It was like that before, too.  I’ll try redoing the book now.  Thanks so much for your help.

I just thought of something.  Is the Fuze supposed to be set any certain way when you download the book?

Yes, set it to MTP.

MTP lets Windows Media Player (or NetLibrary’s player)  control the unit and send over the (hidden) licensing information that NetLibrary files require. It sounds like that information was messed up in your first transfer. Delete the files, set to MTP mode, try sending the files over again.

Yes, I set it to that.  I downloaded the book again.  It’s on there, but it still won’t play.  There are extra tracks this time and #1 doesn’t come first.  It scrolled through them all, came to 12 again and paused itself and won’t unpause.  My husband just put it on his ipod for me.  That was no problem and it’s working fine on there.  

Look at the filetype via your computer.It occurs to me that it may just be scrolling through them because they are in a format it can’t read. It knows they are there, but it can’t play them.

When you look at the the filename it should be something like  01-Author-Book-ChapterX.mp3, or 01…ChapterX.wma. If it’s 01…ChapterX.m4a, that’s the problem.

You may have to tell your computer not to “Hide extensions for known filetypes” so you can see what they are.  In Windows XP, that’s My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View, but I think the path is slightly different in Vista or Windows 7–try your Help files, type in “hide extensions.”

The Fuze doesn’t play Apple’s own file format for the iPod, .mp4 (or .m4a or .aac).

For the Fuze it needs to be .mp3 or .wma–though the files you have are  probably not .wma, Windows Media Audio, since the iPod won’t play those. Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody could get along?

Every player plays mp3. You may have to go into the NetLibrary software settings to make sure you are getting mp3 files.

It does not seem like that is the problem as the downloaded books have all been MP3 files. The NetLibrary Media center that they use is like a hybrid of the Microsoft media center and it seems that the “rights” are part of the problem. I am pretty sure this is a software issue in how the Fuze may not be supported completley by this NetLibrary Media Center.

The book plays fine on the computer but is shown on the Fuze and simply will not play. Which brings me back to the “rights” issue as a possible problem.

DRM (digital rights misery) is likely to be the problem. The simplest thing would be to start fresh.

NetLibrary may have thought you had more than one copy, and was only letting it play in one place.

Check the files back in from your computer to NetLibrary, so it doesn’t think you already have a copy. Make sure the files are also checked in or deleted from your other portable players.

Then download the book again and try it one more time. Make sure you are in MTP mode. You may also  have to “authorize” your Fuze from NetLibrary. Since I don’t use NetLibrary, I can’t tell you how, but your library or NetLibrary should have a how-to.

The Fuze should play DRM files sent over via Windows Media Player in MTP mode. It’s made to do that. The problem is that there’s a setting gone awry somewhere. For what it’s worth, send the files to the Fuze internal memory rather than an external card–it can help, because the files can be trapped on your unit rather than stlil being portable by taking out the card, so it makes NetLibrary feel ever so much more secure. 

Hi. I have my husband helping me now.  He replied earlier.  I’m turning this over him as I don’t get computers!  I’ll show him your reply as soon as he returns.

Question though, now that I’m trying to delete the book from the player, the last 2 tracks - 11 and 12 - won’t delete.  After I press delete, it goes to the screen where it’s playing.  It says 2/2 and won’t let me unpause it.  I can go to home, and it will turn off.

Delete it via the computer.

Sometimes, media rights issues can be a real conundrum.  If you have any other files available on Windows Media Player, especially a protected file, retransfer this other file to the Sansa after deleting it from the device.  This will resynchronize the device’s secure clock.

You’d think, in a perfect world, WiMP would have a Reset Secure Clock function, especially since it would solve many customer issues with DRM and the Plays For Sure / WMDRM system. 

As for the issue with transferring a protected file to the microSD card, this has to be done with the card mounted in the authorized Sansa.  The license is based upon the authorized device, so if it is transferred using a card reader, the book will not play.

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I appear to be having the same issue in that a book I downloaded from the NetLibrary won’t play. I have downloaded some others and they were fine. So I decided I would connect my Sansa to the computer and delete the book. My player froze. Finally was able to get it back on, but then the Fuze wasn’t being recognized by the computer. Now it’s finally recognized , but after I click on internal memory only 2 icons appear labeled Devlcon. I  tried to do some research on that, but thought it might be best to check first with you guys. I tried to delete the book  from the Fuze and it won’t remove all the chapters.

What gives?