Problem with playing audio books

Hi, I wonder if any one can help please as I have a problem playing audio books on my Fuze.  The problem occurs when I download audio books from my local library; the library permit this, are aware it will be downloaded to an MP3 player and no licence is required.  Most books are multi part e.g. 1 to 10.  I download all 10 parts to my Fuze.  Parts 1 & 2 always play without a problem. When I try to play the remaining Parts 3, 4 etc they will not play and I get a message saying, " Please obtain licence by transferring this title to device using audiobook software".  No licence is needed and it play Parts 1 & 2 successfully.  I have tried download just 1 & 2, they play, then deleting 1 & 2 and downloading 3 & 4, they will not play and I get the same message.  In short Parts 1 & 2 of any book I download play, the remaining parts will not and the above message is displayed.  In the past I have succesfully download books and had no problems.  I would be grateful for any help please?  Thanks you.

Have you tried this?

" E-Audiobooks can be transferred to a wide range of portable listening devices for offline use. If you want to transfer your audiobook to a portable device you MUST open the audiobook file and obtain a license before transferring the file. Use Windows Media Player to copy the eudiobook file to a device. Follow the appropriate transfer process depending on the version of Windows Media Player that you have installed. "


I believe a book needs to be played with media player for a few seconds to get the license and then sync it to the Sansa.



Thank you - I will try.

If your library uses netlibrary, that could be the problem. I have had major problems using netlibrary, no book has ever played right and once I had to reset my fuze and I lost several books.  My Library offers both netlibrary and emedia library(Which uses overdrive media player) and I have never had a problem with them.

Thank you to those that sugested solution.  I have now resloved the problem, namely, that I did not have my device set to “MPT” on the USB settings, it was set to “MSC”.  I made the change deleted the audiobooks that would not open, downloaded them again and now ALL parts play.  I post this (1) to say thanks and (2) in case it helps someone else.