Audiobooks remain in Sansa Fuze 4gb after deleting

I use my 4gb for audiobooks which I get from the library.  They come with a drop dead date and I delete them.  That is, I delete them through the computer so that all the files are empty. The Fuze isn’t empty, however.  It has retained three books  which show up in Play All, Recently Added, Albums, Artists.  The books still play although way past their expiration, which is kind of cool, but there are other problems which I think would be made better if I could clean out the thing.  Is it just magic, or is there something to be done to rid my player of these ghosts?

If you want to get rid of everything at once you could format it (Settings > System Settings > Format).

You have to delete them manually from your player - you agree to that when using the library service.  The software my library uses (Overdrive Console) only manages the copy of the book on my computer, so it doesn’t delete the copy from my player.  The audiobooks will play past their due date, but I like deleting them when I’m done to free up space for new books.

Also - a hint - when you copy your audiobook to your player, make sure it goes in the \audiobooks folder (it doesn’t go there unless you change the path when transferring the book through your library managing software - Overdrive allows you to change the path).  It sounds like your books are being treated as “music” if they show up in “Play All” etc.  If the player recognizes your books as audiobook it has some different features, like “resume”.

Thanks very much.  When I open the Fuze in my computer and delete stuff there is nothing at all in it in any of the folders - Music, Albums, Audiobooks, nothing, and yet the stuff remains in the Fuze. I guess what I need to know if is there is a delete command I can execute on the Fuze itself. 

You can delete one track at a time, but deleting from the computer’s a lot easier (typically).

If the books still play, it seems like the files must still be on the player.  Try looking in both USB modes (under system settings on the player, both MSC and MTP) - your computer will only see one type of transferred file at a time, while the player can see both.

Of course, you can just reformat, too.

Yikes! Reformat.  That’s the ticket.  How’s that work?

See Tapeworm’s comment above - it’s under system settings.  It will wipe everything clean, though, so you’ll have to retransfer music, etc.

kmk_01kmk gave perfect answers in every post.  Before reformatting, I would try kmk’s last suggestion to connect the Fuze in the different modes of MTP and MSC until you find the files.  Reformat as a last resort, as it’s less convenient to reload files, and you want to find out if the problem is just the USB mode you’re using, to avoid reformatting if at all possible every time this same thing occurs.

Great advice.  I’ll do it.  Thanks to all.