synchornize music

Two questions:

  1. I downloaded a book from the public library.  The two week subscription ran out and a notice popped up telling me I had to synchronize to read book.  The same book happened to be available on the website for patrons, so after fiddling around for I while, I decided to downloaded it again as if I were taking it out for the first time.  Same warning message came up.  And then I ran into the same sychronization problem with another book which wasn’t even overdue. I fussed and fumed and then realized that I had downloaded both books onto a 4GB micro card I had recently installed.  When  I switched the files to the Fuze internal drive, everything was fine.

Does this now mean I am going to have trouble downloading and reading audio files I download from the library and transfer on to the external memory (micro chip) drive on my Fuze, which,by the way, uses Overdrive, to transfer books from library to mp3 player, and that I will only be able to read files from Overdrive on my internal memory? 

Any advice? 

  1.  Is it possible to delete “artist” directly from a Fuze player, or does on have to go through the computer?

Thanks, Harvey 

Overdrive involves Digital Rights Management. Not your rights, which are ignored, but the copyright owner’s. Overdrive manager sends over a hidden code with the files that tells the Sansa when they expire.

Did the book ever read from the 4GB card? Some DRM systems just won’t let you put them on removable memory.

DRM systems are suspicious of that 4GB card because oh my god you might give it to your friend and she might be able to read the book too. Off to jail with the both of you. 

Downloading the book the second time might have made Overdrive confused. I’d guess that if you check them both back in you’ll be OK. You could also just format the 4GB and start over, too.  You can also delete the index the Fuze makes of files–it’s the file mtable.sys, in the internal memory–to see if that helps. (It regenerates the whole file when it boots up; otherwise, sometimes old entries are stuck there.) 

But if you have the problem again, either check out Overdrive’s customer support or just use the internal memory. DRM is nasty.  And while this is really the result of Overdrive’s DRM, not the Fuze, that doesn’t make it any more convenient for you.

As for your second question, I’m not sure what you’re after. “Artist” under Music isn’t a folder. It’s a list made from the Artist names in the mp3 files. So you can’t delete that.

You could connect to the computer and see everything by the artist in Windows Explorer–click on the category headings so it sorts by artist–and delete an entire artist pretty quickly that way.