Can't Delete 5 Audio Books from Internal 8 GB Memory...books do NOT show on PC Explorer

I have W7 64 bit desktop & a Sansa Fuze 8 GB player.   I use MTP drag & drop to  transfer mp3 audioBooks or drag & drop ripped CDs from the library to the Sanza MTP folder.  I do not use Media Player for anything  I.have always dragged & dropped directly.  I delete the books on my PC by going to tha Sanza MTP folder and delete the book from the Sansa MTP folder.  Have done this successfully for hundreds of audiobooks BUT I have 5 books on the player I do NOT SEE on the PC that are taking up over a GB of memory on the Sansa internal memory.

What I can not see on the PC, I can not delete.   How can I delete  these files & folders?  


Try switching the USB mode to MSC. Your computer can only see files loaded in one mode at a time. Maybe at some point your player was set to Auto Defect mode which would allow it to connect in either MTP or MSC without your knowledge.

If you’re not usiing DRM-crippled files why are you using MTP mode? That’s the only reason one would need to use this mode, and MSC is much less troublesome.

i have done everything suggested, changed the modes and this is a new issue as i was always able to delete my folders (audiobooks in music folder) from the PC and it would be deleted on my sansa fuze mp3 now it is deleted in the pc but remains on my mp3, i don’t want to format as i still have audiobooks that i want, thank you for any suggestions

thank you but none of these suggestions help.  it is a recent issue on my sansa fuze mp3 player, the music deletes on my pc but remains on the sansa fuze, i changed the various “modes” but it did not help, thank you

It’s hard to understand what you are doing.

Deal with the files directly on the Fuze (not in your library on the PC). FInd which mode they are visible in–MTP or MSC–and delete them. EMPTY THE RECYCLE BIN. Disconnect. They should be gone.

I had somethiing like that happen once. I found that a music album on the external disk had an .m3u playlist included with it (everything else I keep on a Fuze has a playlist in the Playlist directory, or is a special music Singles directory so I can set it to shuffle. It would show up in my Playlist list and would actually play if I clicked on the playlist, but the folder was invisible on the PC until I did some computer hacking to read the hidden folder. It would still not delete.  I finally saved off everything I wanted to keep onto a PC, formatted the Fuze & the external disk from scratch, and reloaded everything. Haven’t seen the darn album since.