Audiobook - Playing Order

Please explain to me how the Fuze decides in which order to play files. I have d/l an audiobook with 152 mp3 files and numbered form 1-152 under Title but they play in order 10, 20,01,11,21,12,22,02,03 etc.

Under Track they are listed 1/152, 2/152,3/152 etc.

How do I rename( and which heading) to get them to play in order?


It’s the slashes and the lack of leading zeros. 

Get mp3tag.

Under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg set Write to IDv2.3 ISO-8859-1, the Fuze’s favorite tag flavor.

Open your audiobook folder. Make sure they’re displayed in order (it will be by filename).

Highlight them all. Go to Tools/Auto-Numbering Wizard and use the option for Leading Zeroes.

Click. Enjoy.