audio book in MP3 not playing in track order

I just purchased my C250 yesterday and have several audio books already in MP3 mode on my hard drive. They are named in this fashion: ###NNN.mp3 where the 3 #'s represent the track number i.e. 001, 002 etc and the NNN is the book title. I dragged and dropped the entire folder (whole book) onto the C250 but it is not playing in order and mixing in with the songs that came with the player. I am new to MP3 - this is my first one - previously listened to these books on my CD player as an MP3 juke box format - my number scheme worked fine there



the easiest thing in your situation to do is to create playlist, as relabeling all the id3 tags would be tedious. Besides that, people usually just listen to a book once or twice and delete it off there.

A playlist is a set list of tracks in a set order, saved on your player. For example; running mix, sleeping mix, etc…

To help you create them, SanDisk has some how to videos.

I listened to the audio directions and can’t seem to get the playlist in the right order. WMP is using the original properties of the files and not the new names I gave them on the rename. There originally were 8 cd’s that I ripped to a folder and renamed. This works fine for CD Creator when it makes a juke box CD but when I try to create the play list it is starting with disk 3 for some reason. Like I said I’m new to WMP. I realize this is a forum just for Sansa but if anyone has a location for a make sense tuturial for WMP, please let me know.


it would probably be best if you just gave SanDisk a call and had one of the techs walk you through making a playlist through whatever version of wmp you have.

I also listen to audio books ripped from audio CDs to mp3 files.  My Sansa c250 seems to play back in order of the information in the ID3 tags if available and not the track name.  If you rip with Roxio Easy CD creator and have have it set to pick up the tag information o\ver the Internet, often it will not play back in the correct order unless you you edit the id3 tags.  Also of interest is that it will use the v2 tags over the v1 tags if both are used. 

Keep the id3 title tag simple and sortable in track order and they should play back in order.

I edit the tags with a shareware program called to ‘tag&rename’ at  It works great.