Book folders not in order?

I copied a talking book to Clip Zip from my PC.  The play list does not show the Discs in the proper sequence that the PC has them.  They are in a Jumbled sequence.  Anyone know of a resolution?

Example:  CD Book-3 , CD Book-1 , CD Book-4 , CD Book-2. 

You’ll have to edit the ID3 tags. No Sansa mp3 player sorts, organizes or plays by folder/file heirarchy unless you scroll down to Folders in the Music menu on those players that have this option (which the Zip does), but rather by ID3 tag.

MP3Tag is the most recommended free, dedicated tag editing program.


Users should be aware that mp3tag, when it downloads to your computer, is linked to any number of “options” that seek to install themselves on your computer.  I’m in the middle of a multi hour search and destroy mission for something called “delta search” that accompanied the download of mp3tag.

And I thought I was careful in dechecking boxes for what seemed to be an interminable number of software “options” but, apparently, not careful enough.

hallo i have to chance genre from unknown to audio book like here descripe sorry is german i have not found in englisch

i am also german

look at the picture

by genre i have unknown and i cant chance it also not with mp3 tag

what have i to do

I have with  mp3 tag the genre changed from unknown to audiobook like here 

but the fact remains that i cant see the  titel service  themselves but only the individual titel in the folder audiobooks