Audio Books - Sections always load into player backwards

I have a Sansa Clip +4 that I purchased to use with digital audio books.  I download the books from my local library and then transfer them to the player.  In Windows Media Player, it looks like the sections are in the proper order, starting with part 1.  But on the player, the first section to play is always the last. For example the story will start with part 12, then 11, etc.  How do I get the sections in the player in the proper order?


Probably have to edit the ID3 tags. If you don’t know about them look around and/or use the Search function here. There’s no shortage of threads on the topic already, particularly as they apply to audiobooks. :smiley:

A good and free via Internet tag editor:  MP3Tag. 

Also, note that if you have a Clip+, you also can access your audiobooks files in a “normal” folder view, via the Folders option at the bottom of the Music listing.

I use my Clip+ for Audio books and always use the same procedure.

I’m using a Mac but I’m sure something similar would work on a PC.

I use a freeware Tag editor and strip the lot out which it can do in one go with a simple drag and drop. Then I just use the “Album” tag for the book name. Then I save them in a folder and access it from the “Files” menu or the “Album”. The actual file names keep the pages in order and I’ve never had a problem.

I’ve listened to all seven Harry Potter books and it’s all worked perfectly and only take a few minutes to do.

A good and free via Internet tag editor:  MP3Tag. 

Also, note that with the Clip+, you also can access your audiobooks files in a “normal” folder view just like on your computer, via the Folders option at the bottom of the Clip’s Music listing–this may be an easy solution for you.

Thanks for all of the advice.  I moved all of the audio books from the “music” file in Windows Media player into the “audiobook” file.  All but one is now in the right order. 

I too have had trouble with the Audiobooks I’ve downloaded through my library online service (both the Ingram and Overdrive download services). More than once the tags have been incorrectly labeled. I currently use a freeware program called MP3Tag (it supports Windows XP | 2003 | Vista | 2008 | 7) to edit the tags on my Audiobook files.

I have found that for the Clip+ to properly show and order the Audiobook I had to edit the following entries in MP3Tag:

Title: The unique name for the track/chapter/file

Album: The name of the audiobook

Track: The number of the track/chapter/file to allow the Clip to play the files in numerical order

Genre: Should be set to “Audiobook” in MP3Tag

Album Artist: The book author (or if one desires, the person who is performing the reading of the book)

It also helps to enable the Ch. Mode on the Clip+ when using Audiobooks that have multiple files. To enable it go to the Settings --> Audiobook Options --> Ch. Mode and set it to “On”. This will allow one to advance to the next/previous audiobook chapter/file (if the audiobook has multiple files) with the I<< and >>I navigation controls/buttons.

I think you’ll find that within an album, track# will take priority over title. This make sense since if you rip a cd that’s the one attribute you can rely on.

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If you are using Overdrive to download audiobooks from your local library, you need to create a new folder under Audiobooks in your MP3 player and name that folder after the author of the book you are downloading.

Go back into Overdrive, select the book you want to transfer, when the dialog box opens that shows the chapters to download click on advance options, the path defaults to Music/author name/book title you can edit Music to Audiobooks than continue downloading the audiobook, it will download into your MP3 player under Audiobooks and not Music. Some books will load all chapters correctly, some books with more then 9 chapters may load chapters 10, 11, 12 etc… before 01, 02, 03. If that happens you may need to load 1 thru 9 first, and then the higher numbered chapters. 

Good luck.