Excellent find.

Audible has been interesting on the Fuze+ , which handles authorized media a little bit differently, Audible books in particular.

The standard WMDRM system employs a device license, plus individual “leaf” encryption  for the individual files.  If you load a microSD card in your Sansa, and transfer a protected file to the card, that file will only play on the Sansa it was originally transferred to. I have experienced this with multiple devices in through the years, as I swap cards.

Audible books will still play when using the Fuze+, as it recognizes that the device is authorized by the Manager client, regardless of the device used for transfer.

It appears that the Clip Zip is doing the same thing!  This is good news for Audible subscribers.  I’ll have to do some tinkering with the system during the week.

As with many joint ventures, there’s an Audible side, and a SanDisk side to the equation.  I was confident that the device side was ready to go.  Over the years, I’ve run into similar issues with Rhapsody when new devices roll out, it’s sometimes a real pickle getting the most up-to-date information through the support pipeline.

Tinkering with WiMP12, it shows the Audible library. (Audible had a dual version of the Manager two years ago, but it was problematic- I recommended using the standalone version of the Manager client.)

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I didn’t change anything on my player.  Have been downloading from Overdrive for years on multiple Sansa devices.  I always check to see if I can get an audiobook for free from the library before I purchase on Audible. 

Yesterday I noticed that Clip Zip is no longer listed on Amazon.  Wonder what’s up?

@lynnincolorado wrote:

Yesterday I noticed that Clip Zip is no longer listed on Amazon.  Wonder what’s up?

Several people complained they received the wrong USB cable with their Zip, so it appears that Amazon has removed the listing until they receive new stock from Sandisk with the correct cable.

Thanks!  Got mine from without problem, except for the issue.

@LynnInColorado: While Audible works to update its Audible Manager so as to be able to transfer files to the Clip Zip, keep in mind, as mentioned in the previous page of posts, that you still can transfer Audible files “manually” to your player, simply by copying and pasting the files you want to transfer from where they are located on your computer (the Audible Manager or Audible Download Manager will indicate the location, if you are not sure–it’s usually in a Downloads folder kept in an Audible folder under your My Documents folder) to the Audible folder on the Clip Zip. Easy to do and, quite candidly, I prefer this simple method to firing up the Audibl;e Manager for this simple chore. (Note: as always with Audible, your Clip Zip must have been activated using the Audible Manager or Audible Download Manager first (which they will do without any problem).)

Also (I forgot to add): Windows Media Player also can be used to transfer Audible files, once the Clip Zip has been activated. This worked for me using WMP 11.

Once I have a chance to finalize it later in the week, it may be possible to uninstall / reinstall the Audible Manager client, using the new plugin.  I’ll update later after mashing up the Manager a little bit, and will list the steps required.

The big advantage to the Audible Manager is that you can see the exact points where you left off in each book, while the device is plugged in.  I really like that feature.  What I’d really like is to add the capability to modify the bookmark on the device from the client side after listening on the PC, that might be nice.

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I haven’t had a chance to check the latest Audible Manager software out, but the Audible website now lists the Clip Zip as an Audible-compatible device, and also lists that it works with Audible 4 and Enhanced formats. :slight_smile:

Terrific.  Thanks!

Good news!

I have the Audible Manager sorted out.  The new Manager client has many features in addition to the Windows Media Player compatibility.  If using Windows Media Player, _the device must first be authorized using the Audible Manager.  _If a file is transferred without doing this, it will be unreadable by the device, but it will be visible in the Audiobooks node, including album art.

If you have transferred a book using Windows Media Player and it does not play, or you notice that the total time displays in the order of hundreds of minutes, fear not!  Plug in your device and open Windows Media Player, then click on the Sync tab.  Find the book by “album” title on the device and delete  using Windows Media Player.  If you get a popup asking “delete from library, or from the computer”, you are in the wrong place.  Click on the Clip Zip at the left of the ecreen, selecting Internal Memory > Music > Albums > book title.  Unplug the device and let it refresh its music database first.

Open the Audible Manager, and download the SanDisk Digital Players plugin.  If it shows as already installed, go ahead and let the client download the plugin again, and close the Manager client.

Open the Audible Manager once again, and plug in your Clip Zip.  Give the client a moment to list the device as Clip Zip.  At the left of the screen, right click on the Clip Zip, and select Activate.  Now, select your desired book at the top of the screen from your library, and then click on Add To Device.

Alternately, if you prefer to use Windows Media Player to manage your books, you can also do this now that the device is authorized.  The new Audible Manager will send a reference to your books in the Playlists node at the upper left of Windows Media Player’s main screen.  You can also transfer from there.

There will be a new feature added to Windows Media Player if you try playing a book title while in WiMP.  A small window will pop up during playback with the Chapter Skip feature.  Even if you minimize the WiMP screen to the small view, this popup will automatically follow you along.  If you like, clicking on the Audible logo will open a browser to the Audible web page.

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And so, Bob, has Audible now updated the Audible Manager and does it now work with the Clip Zip?

Yes, I tested the latest build and it works as designed.  If you uninstall the Manager, then reinstall the new one, it should work great!

The new Manager supports Windows Media Player automatically.  There’s a new Playlist created labeled “Audible” from which you can select books to transfer to the Zip while WiMP is running.  If you play  a book, there’s a cool popup that allows chapter skip.  The only thing missing is that WiMP doesn’t give position detail as well as the Manger, but it works well.

I have been rebuilding my library on this computer after the original one was reformetted, killing the entire book collection, but they can easily be redownloaded through the Online Library.

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Cool–finally (and before the month was out!).  :slight_smile:

If you want to use Audible audiobooks on other devices, then you can use the AAX Audio Converter to help you. It is a nice tool that can convert Audible audiobooks to plain formats and then you can listen to the Audible audiobooks on any devices or platforms as you like.