Asian Character Font Support...?

I used the “Any Video Converter” program to convert a music video file to the specs that the Fuze+ says it supports; then in Windows Explorer, I dragged-and-dropped the file…

絢香 - Real Voice.mp4

…into the “Video” folder on my Fuze+, and the transfer was successful. But when I disconnected the Fuze+ and tried to play that file, it wasn’t even listed in the Video folder.

So I reconnected, and checked again in Windows. The file WAS there.

Thinking that maybe I had done something wrong when converting it, I decided to let the Sansa Media Converter try making its own conversion of the original file – but I was annoyed to discover that SMC won’t even open that file!

So then I tried simply renaming my converted file to " Ayaka - Real Voice.mp4" – and now the Fuze+ recognizes it (although it won’t show a friggin’ thumbnail for some reason).

Since the only thing I did was remove the Asian characters, evidently both the Fuze+ *and* the SMC program lack support for Asian characters.

Well, with all due respect, that’s an incredibly stupid limitation isn’t it?

Is there any way to fix this? I really don’t feel like manually renaming every last one of the Japanese songs and music videos that I want to put on my Fuze+…