Copying Video without SMC

I converted a video clip with SMC and it output the file to the Video folder of the Fuze+ player.  So far so good.  Now if I copy the file from the Video folder to my PC then delete the file from Fuze+ and then try to copy the file from my pc back to Fuze+ via drag and drop I get the following message: 

 The Title 1.avi file type is not supported on this device.  If it is a media file,
you may be able to use Windows Media Player to…


I read in other posts that if the video file format is correct that files can be “drag n dropped” to Fuze+.

I’m thinking the file must be correct because is was created by SMC and moved to Fuze+ originally.  

I downloaded the latest firware version to the player and using the latest verison of SMC.

What could be the reason why I get this message? 

The Fuze+ does not support the AVI format/container. You should be using .MP4 files, for the most part (ideally encoded with MPEG4 or H.263/4).

When you converted it with SMC, it put the converted .MP4 file in your Fuze+. You probably copied the wrong version of the file (the original .AVI instead of the converted .MP4). Make sure you show file extensions. In Explorer: Press Alt+T, go to Folder Options, then View, then uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”. Then, copy the file with the .MP4 extension instead of the .AVI extension (you should have two of these files).