Japanese music?

I like to listen to some Jrock now and then so I uploaded a few songs to my fuze, when i go to listen to them, it goes to 0:01 then freezes the sound. I can still look around on te folder and settings and that, but no music will play until I turn it off and back on.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

See what format the files are. They have to be .mp3., .wma, .ogg or .flac (and possibly .rax, I’m not sure). If they are .m4a files–from iTunes–the Fuze can’t play them, so it’s showing you their filename before moving on.

.m4a and many other filetypes (not .m4p, though) can be converted to .mp3 with Media Coder

Another possibility is that they have characters in their ID3 tags that are making the Sansa very unhappy. You may have to change the tags to something simpler, or using English.  characters instead of Kanji, or in a different version. Get mp3tag and take a look at them. Set mp3tag’s defaults (Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg) to Write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. The Japanese characters may use Unicode (UTF), and the Sansa sometimes gets all upset about that. 

I have a lot of music with japanese tags in ogg files, and the fuze displays it happily. It won’t even complain about filenames, which also contain japanese characters.

I can’t tell you if they’re only from a single sillabary, or from what sillabary are each… but they play and display nicely. They have been tagget with easytag, BTW.