Chinese Characters and repetition of songs

Hello. Please help. I just purchased an 8GB Sansa Fuze MP3 player and I’m trying to use MediaMonkey to manually synchronize it. I have set my player to USB MSC mode and I am able to transfer files from MediaMonkey to the player; however, when I use the player (Sansa Fuze) to browse the files under songs, some of the copied files appear more than once and others appear displayed with with chinese characters. All of this only occurs when I browse the songs in the player; however, if I hook up the player to my PC (VISTA) and browse the player using my VISTA browser, the files appear only once and correctly (no chinese characters). If I browse them from MediaMonkey, they appear correctly as well. I’m instructing MediaMonkey to write the files directly to the player Music directory and just write the filename, as the file has tags for the title, artist, etc. My device configuration is as follows: <Disc#>\MUSIC\<Filename>
where MUSIC is the directory in the MP3 player.

What’s going on? Can someone help?



i had a similar problem:

i haven’t heard a solution but since moving to mediamonkey and transferring via MTP, i haven’t had any trouble. i personally think the problem has to do with encoding the tags through MSC.

I think I figured out the source of the problem but not the solution.  The problem occurs randomly whenever there are foreign characters in the song file and /or file path.  These characters were either in songs that were in Spanish, German, etc.  Of course, I dont have any file with characters in Chinese.  It didn’t occur with all the files/paths containing foreign characters but when it occurred it happened only where there were foreign characters.   It never occured when the characters were in English only.  Now, I have a large collection of foreign music (classical music with German characters and Salsa with Spanish characters).  I found this limitation intolerable so I returned the Sansa Fuze MP3-Player and got me an iPod.  All my problems were resolved.