Earth to Sansa: fix SMC or open Fuze to common video formats

I’ve given up trying to convert MKVs, DVDs and other real-world video formats into something the Fuze can read without getting that obnoxious pink message every time.

Sansa either needs to make SMC a usable application by allowing it to convert MKVs, large MP4s, etc. correctly, or update the Fuze firmware to read files that are already in real-world formats.

Or stop advertising the Fuze as a video player.  (Note: In general I like the Fuze; great music player with its sound quality, support for ogg, etc.).

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Have you tried running your MP4 thru something like Any-Video-Converter and making it an avi? This works for me 99% of the time. Also I would suggest closing any unneeded processes on your computer before you convert so you minimize the chance for audio sync issues. The Fuze does play video and it does play them well, unfortunately just not the ones you are talking about. And as someone who works with Videos as part of my job, MKV is not a standard format, its getting more and more popular, but its not a “standard yet” 

I have no trouble with any supported formats. It’s something you are you doing wrong?

I have nearly given up to try to put videos on the fuze because it doesn’t work whatever I try.

 We used several Windows versions and tried it with Debian Linux and whatever we have but we didn’t get it yet.

My husband thinks it maybe helpful to have a konverted video which surely runs on the fuze to try to put this on to know if the fuze is working and the problem really is the konverting.

Can anybody tell me where I can get a konverted video to try this? If anyone has the possibility to send me one it would be nice.


Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day


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Search this forum and try some of the man different suggestions offered. Try and find one that works for you. Thats all you can do. 

Also edit your post and remove your e-mail, otherwise you are probably going to get spamed. 

We tried out every hint we could get in this forum and none of them works. 

The mail adress is only for such things and may be spammed - no problem.

Depending on how hard you work and how much luck you have, you can get video to convert properly through SMC.

SMC is kludgy and at best, makes files for a two-inch screen that are twice the size of home-theater video files.

Best to forget the Fuze for anything like feature-length movies and stick to you-tube conversions and conversions of your home movies, etc.