I just bought a Fuze, managed everything but the videos. THe format is avi - I can send it to the fuze from SMC, there’s a thumbnail, but the Fuze is still insisting it’s not a valid file. The file is a converted cell phone 3gp. It plays in WMP with no problem.
I did read the forums, but I’m used to dealing with image size, file format, etc. I can’t find any requirements for this video.
I’m used to Photoshop and stills. I got all the jpgs and mp3s onto the card with no problem. Please explain in simple terms.


The Fuze has a special “top secret” file format that only 3 programs (or so) can create. The Sansa Media Converter is one of them. Any and all videos have to be converted in any case, before they are usable from the Fuze. Some people have reported that the resulting quality improves, when first converting with another program to another format, and then using SMC to create the final file.

Please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Connect fuze to computer

  2. In explorer, delete all videos you have on your fuze (so you don’t confuse the files)

  3. Run SMC

  4. Drop your videos there

  5. Start converting (takes some time)

  6. close SMC

  7. In explorer, right click on the fuze and choose “remove safely”

There are a number of known issues both with the SMC and Fuze’s video playing capability. But if you follow these steps, you should at least not get the message from the fuze that the file format is incompatible.

I have found that I get best results ( because SMC can get sound and video out of sync ) is use Any Video Convertor to convert to avi, then use SMC to convert the avi to your Fuze.

Don’t know if this is the total answer - but I converted the movies to wmv using moviemaker, and they transferred. Apparently the conversion from 3GP to avi is off somewhere. Had to save the video as playback on computer (wmv). Tried to save as for a smaller device (PDA) and movie wouldn’t play. Avi conversion doesn’t seem to write the thm files.
I think my daughter wants a device and I’ve told her no IPOD. I don’t feel like fixing all the file associations, and I don’t trust MS, either.
The Sansa has not interfered with any files.
She has a camcorder and will have to see what the Sansa does with MP4 files. She has Pinnacle and might could save as wmv.

Yeah, Country is right,that is exactly what i do and i have hours of video on my Fuze at any given moment. 

I’m having the same prob with my converter and I would like to try the SMC for my Fuze and I don’t mean to sound stupid but what is SMC and where do I install it

SMC is short for the Sansa Media Converter. Find the support page on the Fuze on and somewhere on there it should have a link to install it. Good luck!