My Fuze wont convert

my sansa fuze won’t converter my movies (both of which are mp4 format.) i tried using the media converter but it won’t convert it. Any suggestions?

Where did you get the MP4s from? If they’re DVD “digital copy” files, then they almost certainly have DRM, and SMC won’t convert DRM’d files. Trying to remove the DRM can be a huge pain in the ***, so it’s usually simpler to use a “dvd ripping” (google that exact phrase) program to extract the video from the original DVD (not the digital copy), then run that through SMC. Or video4fuze, which many people greatly prefer to SMC. You can find topics about video4fuze on this board.

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Thanks for the help gwk. I downloaded the magic converter and all I have to do now is test it out. :smiley:

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t get a ‘fuze compatible’ file in one conversion.  I got tired of trying random settings in my DVD ripper and finally settled on a two step conversion - rip, then convert to fuze.  For movies, you’ll want to use video4fuze since it keeps the audio and video in sync on long videos.  When SMC works, it’s easy to use.  Just be aware of the sync issue with SMC for longer videos.

Well that might be a issue with me because of my impatience. And another question do I have to rip the file off the dvd to mp4 format? And also there is another movie that I have to convert that is already mp4 which I have previously put on my fuze and it worked with the old converter but since I downloaded the newest one it won’t do it. Then there is another one that my friend got for me off of limewire or something like that it is also mp4 but again the converter won’t converter it for some strange reason. I tried doing them together and I tried doing them separately still no luck.