Arabic Clip!!!

I receiced my refurbed Clip from Woot in the mail yesterday and unwrapped it with great glee (man, this thing is tiny!)

When I fired it up, it showed all the prompts in Arabic!  I couldn’t even read enough to re-set it to English.  The Sandisk tech support guy got me going while flying blind.

I got the firmware updated… a snap even for a newby.

Thanks for this great site and Sansa’s excellent Tech Support

English menu.

Press # 7 (menu)one o two times to show radio icon, then press #4 2 times, (see page # 7 settings icon) when the display show setting icon, press once # 3, then press # 6, then press to see the FM letter, then press once # 6, then #5, then press#4, then #3. Now do you have english menu.

I’m sorry but my english is no good, I hope you can fix it

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If I recall correctly, or also re-apply the firmware–I believe you get a language choice there.

Nope, if you reinstall the FW it doesn’t give you a language choice.