Language issue


I just bought my Sansa Clip MP3 Player (1GB) and started to use it. Unfortunately, all the lettering looks like it’s arabic or something. Definitely not english. When I power it down, it still says “GoodBye” in english and SanDisk is still in normal letters. How do I go about changing the language back? (Keeping in mind that I won’t know how to navigate through these windows considering the language barrier.)

Would it be possible to tell me, like… “Turn it on… Go to the _th menu, then go to the _th menu and select __”?


Why don’t you use the SEARCH facility of the forum first. Type “language arabic” in and hit the search button, you will find your answer.

Do I recall correctly that if you reapply the firmware, it will re-set the language?  (Or is this only if you upgrade to a new firmware version?)

Reloading firmware resets the user preferences to defaults, including language choice.

I’d rather foster an appreciation of how to effectively use the forum, because the next question may well be “how do I load new firmware” / “where do I get it from” / “how do I do it in MTP mode” etc…all of course covered on the forum, and only a few…well-placed…keystrokes away :wink: