Anyone having problems with SMC and wish for an alternative please read this thread.

I was having a helluva time trying to get SMC to work at all for my Fuze, much less do what it is supposed to. A forum user suggested that I try a program called Winavi, and I did. It worked. You can convert any videos into a file type that will work when you drag + drop them to your player. You don’t have to sync your player with the SMC. Some things to consider tho, the WinAvi software seems to work only with xvid avi formats, so if you have something in a different format, you might want to convert it to xvid before you try to convert it to the Avi file type supported by the Fuze. I am also unsure if this will work with other sansa players, but it does work with the latest firmware update for the Fuze. 

The site is and the version I used is Winavi 8. Also make sure you change the size/fps in the advanced options to 224x176@20fps prior to converting. Anything smaller and the player has cropping issues. Also, the software itself takes an average of 10-15 mins to convert and 2-3 mins to copy over to the player. 

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so I must convert my DVDs to Xvid AVIs before using WinAVI? okay thanks for the info!!

BTW which codec do you use for the Xvid conversion (Xvid or Dvix)?

I make sure they are in XviD 1.0.3 which hasn’t had any problems working so far.

I just checked the output file of a video that was converted with winavi, and it is labeled as XviD ISO MPEG-4. 

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