All Songs Won't Transfer from Rhapsody to m240

I have a playlist of 115 songs set up on Rhapsody that I want to transfer to my m240.  I tried dragging the name of the playlist to the name of the mp3 player (listed unders sources), but when I do so only 49 songs in the playlist transfer to my device.  Rhapsody says I used 287.5 MB and still have 685.8 MB still available.  Why won’t all 115 songs transfer to my m240 device.  I don’t get any error messages from Rhapsody when I try to tranfer the songs.

maybe it has to do with the songs? I bet you can music from a CD and create a playlist through WMP and it would work fine.

The best thing I can even think of is to try a different way to make playlist.

Are the songs downloaded from rhapsody service? or do you just use it as a tool?

Most of the songs were transferred from my CDs.  I haven’t downloaded any of the songs from Rhapsody.  I just used Rhapsody as a place to hold the songs so I can transfer them to the m240.

check out the how to videos on how to make playlist. I believe there is one listed for playlist creation through rhapsody. Let us knowif you have seen them and you still have the issues.

I just looked at the video.  The same steps the video showed are the steps that I took and only some of the songs were transferred to my mp3 player. 

i cant really help you with rhapsody, as i dont really use it. Most I can suggest there is to use a different version of it or uninstall/reinstall it.

Apart from that, give WMP a shot.