Rhapsody Syncing

I have a 4 GB Clip Zip and a Rhapsody subscription.  When I make changes to my playlist and try to sync to the Rhapsody list I created it rarely works correctly.  

I have a list of 250 songs when I tried to sync it seems to hang up and do nothing for as long as I leave it hooked up.

The message at the bottom of the screen says “Downloading and Transferring 4 of 250” xxx mins remaining.  When I come back in 10 mins or more, the status message has not changed and no more songs have been put on the device, only 4 songs.

I tried to reset by holding the power button for 1 min then turning on.  No change, have also formatted the device.  Neither tactic changed the outcome that i cannot sync to the playlist.   

I have also tried manually dragging and dropping, 20 at a time, I got to 60 songs and that stopped working too. 

What else can I try?